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Be transformed by the Mully movie.

10 Reasons You Must See Mully

The Mully movie will change your perspective and build your faith. The Mully movie will introduce you to Charles and Esther Mully and their work at Mully Children’s Family  in Kenya. Born into a family scarred by extreme poverty, alcoholism, and abuse, Charles was abandoned at the age of six. From this painful beginning, Charles […]

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The Leather Project artisan

The Leather Project: Keeping Families Together in North Africa

Nestled in the mountains of North Africa, WorldCrafts artisan group The Leather Project upcycles scraps from a furniture and upholstery company to create beautiful leather products. The artisans of the Leather Project are Berbers. Once known as nomadic traders, most Berbers today work as farmers and shepherds. Because of economic and climate changes, however, more […]

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Proverbs 31 Women

Proverbs 31 Women: Beads of Hope

When you look at the beautiful hand-crafted paper beads created by Proverbs 31 Women, you are looking at a symbol of hope. These beads represent a new life for women who have been victims of exploitation. Most are widows who are HIV-positive because of the unimaginable choices they’ve been forced to make in order to […]

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The WellHouse Artisan

The WellHouse: A Place of Grace

Driving down a long secluded road bordered by trees and wildflowers, you suddenly emerge into a clearing. Nestled there at the base of a mountain are three beautiful buildings, a picture of serenity. Here is The WellHouse, a beacon of hope and help for women throughout the United States who have been victimized by sex […]

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Thai Country Trim Artisan

The Impact of Obedience: A Tribute to Betty Butcher

Have you ever wondered how WorldCrafts began? It all started out of one woman’s desire to bring hope and grace to the women of her country. In the 1980’s, Betty Butcher, an American living in Thailand, sought out a new way to reach her sisters. She began asking the Father how to develop relationships with […]

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Eden Ministries

Provide Hope to Trafficking Victims in Asia

Restore Dignity and Self-Worth to Trafficking Victims When you think of the work of WorldCrafts artisan groups, what comes to mind?  Do you think of women boldly reaching into Asian red light districts to rescue women who are victims of trafficking? Do you think of mobile clinics traveling into these same areas to provide instant HIV testing? […]

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Fair Trade Artisans

5 Reasons You Should Shop Fair Trade

Shopping Fair Trade Matters Shopping fair trade matters. Your purchasing practices hold great power – the power to trap people in inhumane, poverty-enforcing working conditions or the power to provide life-giving incomes earned with dignity.   When you shop with WorldCrafts, you join us in: Breaking the cycle of poverty. Global poverty grows daily. Current […]

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Will You Pray for Mully?

The Mully Movie Changes Hearts and Lives Every person who watches the Mully movie experiences a transformed heart. Charles Mully’s life demonstrates what God can do with hearts and minds which are submitted to Him. The Mully movie is showing in theaters nationwide October 3 – 5. To find a theater and purchase tickets, visit For every […]

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Be transformed by the Mully movie.

Be Transformed by the Mully Movie

What is the Mully Movie? The Mully Movie documents the life of Charles Mully. Charles was born in Kenya to a poverty-stricken family who endured the abuse of an alcoholic father. At the age of six, Charles woke one morning alone. His family had abandoned him. Frightened and hungry, he sought help from relatives and […]

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The Mully Movie will transform your life.

When You Say “Yes” to God

What happens when you say “Yes” to God? How does your perspective change when you follow and obey Him with complete abandon, even when you are uncertain where the path will lead? As you sacrifice and serve others in His name, how is your heart transformed? A Transforming Decision Charles Mully’s life illustrates the transformation […]

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