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Anadoule: Filling Lives with Hope

Hope-full Mug
The Hope-Full Mug represents the promise of hope to artisans around the world.

The Hope-Full Mug handpainted by WorldCrafts artisan group Anadoule is a vibrant reminder of the hope created by the promise of living wages. The mug will bring you joy as you sip on a cup of coffee or tea or chocolate, and it brings to artisans the joy of earning a fair wage and security in the knowledge that their families will be provided for.

Anadoule’s purpose is to provide dignified work for local artisans and to keep alive their tradition of hand-painted ceramic art.

Located in the Anatolian region of Turkey, this group of artisans once hand painted items for the tourist industry. At best, the work was limited and often unpredictable. The artisans could not depend on their work to sustain their families or communities.

After partnering with WorldCrafts, Anadoule reports that their artisans are now able to support their families and to cover their children’s school expenses. Anadoule’s purpose is not to create a commercial empire. Its purpose is to provide dignified work for local artisans and to keep alive their tradition of hand-painted ceramic art as one generation teaches the next.

The ultimate goal of Anadoule is to help its artisans understand the offer of eternal hope. The leader of this artisan group shares his dream for the future: “I want to help more people have what they need, and I want them to learn our Father’s ways and His wisdom as we work together.”

When you purchase a Hope-Full Mug, you join Anadoule in its journey of transforming the lives of generations.


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