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5 Reasons You Should Shop Fair Trade

Fair Trade Artisans
Give a gift to honor your Mom and provide hope for moms around the world.

Shopping Fair Trade Matters

Shopping fair trade matters. Your purchasing practices hold great power – the power to trap people in inhumane, poverty-enforcing working conditions or the power to provide life-giving incomes earned with dignity.


When you shop with WorldCrafts, you join us in:

Breaking the cycle of poverty.

Global poverty grows daily. Current estimates reflect that almost half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day. When we think of the global poverty epidemic, we feel overwhelmed and helpless. But, through fair trade enterprise each purchase holds the promise of earning a sustainable income, enabling global artisans to provide for their families. Your fair trade purchase means that parents can give their children proper nutrition, an education, and life-giving medical care. In fact, your fair trade purchases impact entire families as artisans are equipped to provide for the holistic needs of their parents, siblings, and extended families. WorldCrafts works to establish sustainable, long-term fair trade relationships with artisan groups in order to have the greatest possible impact on generational poverty.

Protecting the vulnerable from trafficking and exploitation.

Human trafficking and exploitation are among the fastest growing industries in the world. Poverty leads to desperation, leaving men, women, and children with impossible choices. For victims rescued out of trafficking and for those who would otherwise be vulnerable to exploitation, fair trade offers a path to healing and self-sufficiency. As these men and women create beautiful, unique crafts, they learn that they, too are unique and beautiful creations who have great worth. Through our Support Freedom campaign, WorldCrafts partners with artisan groups around the world who rescue and restore men and women who’ve been enslaved and exploited.

Sustaining the environment.

When you shop fair trade, you can be assured that the products you purchase leave a minimal footprint on the environment. WorldCrafts’ products are never mass-produced and are often crafted using natural, locally-grown materials. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation we encourage environmentally sustainable practices. 

Connecting with other cultures and global communities.

Your fair trade purchases are one of a kind, handcrafted creations. Many of these products represent traditional folk-crafts of the artisan’s culture. The artisans who create these items are not nameless, faceless people toiling in a factory. You have the opportunity to learn about the artisans’ communities and how your purchase provides for their unique needs. WorldCrafts actively seeks to connect our purchasers with our artisan groups by telling the artisans’ stories and encouraging prayer for them.

Offering eternal hope.

WorldCrafts artisans learn the true reason for their worth. They learn they are uniquely and wonderfully made. Through study and prayer, these artisans are offered the opportunity for redemption and restoration. Lives formerly marked by hopeless and distrust are filled with faith and hope for the future. Our vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth.


Shopping fair trade carries limitless implications.

When you make the conscious decision to shop responsibly through fair trade, your choice ripples through eternity. Global artisans are uplifted by the knowledge that the work of their hands is valued and appreciated. These uplifted artisans bring transformation and restoration into their communities and families. Transformed families provide holistic care for their children, empowering these future generations with hope for changed lives.

Will you shop fair trade and join us in our vision to transform the world?