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10 Ways to Celebrate Fair Trade Month

Celebrate Fair Trade

October is Fair Trade Month. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate with us!


The Word tells us that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Prayer is the first and best work in celebrating Fair Trade month. We’ve created a new way you can pray for WorldCrafts artisans. Download our monthly interactive prayer calendars and pray daily for our artisan groups. You can learn more about each artisan by clicking on their name in the calendar.


When you shop fair trade with WorldCrafts, you join us to fight poverty and injustice around the world. Your purchase represents life and hope for the future. You enable WorldCrafts to ensure that our partnerships are sustainable.

Ayu Sewing Project
“WorldCrafts’ orders provide our ladies with the extra sources of income they need. Plus, when WorldCrafts continues to come back and reorder from us, it gives them the confidence that their products and skills are good!” – Ayu Sewing Project, India


Do you know the story of WorldCrafts? Do you understand how fair trade works? Explore to learn about all of our artisans, their cultures, and the reasons that fair trade brings restoration and transformation to the world.

Our Channapatna Handicrafts artisans testify to the power of fair trade: “The craft [lac turney wood crafting] has been handed down from generation to generation and many families in the area had abandoned the craft because of low wages and moved to larger cities. With the opportunities and impact of the revival of craft provided by WorldCrafts, people are coming back to their roots and eager to practice the craft.”

Give the Gift of WorldCrafts

When you gift a WorldCrafts product, you are not only caring for a loved one. You are also caring for global artisans, their families, and their communities. Many of our artisans rely solely on WorldCrafts for their livelihood. To thank you for your purchase, we’ve created free gift cards you can download and use with your gifts.

“Women who would otherwise be working outside the home for very little pay and extremely long hours and little respect are now able to stay at home with their children, do something they love, get paid a reasonable wage, and continue to learn new techniques and skills. They are also able to socialize with each other and feel like they belong to something positive.” – Master’s Handicrafts, Kyrgyzstan

Teach Others

After you’ve learned about WorldCrafts yourself, download our free teaching resources. Through these simple 30 minute lessons plans, you can teach

  • preschoolers how God wants us to work together to help others;
  • children that they can be compelling voice of prayer and support for global artisans;
  • students that they have the power to become advocates for the poor and to share the promise of eternal hope;
  • adults the Biblical basis for fair trade and how they can become involved.

Host a Benefit

Through the WorldCrafts benefit initiative, you can host a month-long online benefit for Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Services, Christian Job Corps, Lifeline Children’s Services, and families adopting through Lifeline. At the end of each month, twenty percent of your proceeds are sent directly to your chosen beneficiary. In addition to helping your beneficiary, you also provide needed work to women like J of Sak Saum:

Sak Saum Artisan
“[In my biological family] I was reminded every day that I have no value and that I am good for nothing and slow to learn and that I am a burden to the family. Sak Saum believed in me . . . I am not slow and stupid. I am talented. I am smart. I have dignity. I have hope for my future.” – J, Sak Saum, Cambodia

Plan a WorldCrafts Display or Market

Share the fair trade ministry of WorldCrafts with others! Set up a WorldCrafts display or create a WorldCrafts market. Help your faith fellowship and community meet our artisans and see the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Visit or to learn more.

Order Custom Bags

Are you planning an event? Or do you want to purchase gifts for your co-workers or teams? You can order custom screen-printed tote bags from our artisan group, Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group. Your order helps these Nashville refugee artisans who are rebuilding their lives in the United States.

Begin Anew Refugee Artisans
For your purchases and orders of Begin Anew Refugee Artisan’s products, they send, “Big, Big Thanks!”

Follow WorldCrafts

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Keep up to date on all things WorldCrafts, including special offers and giveaways!

Donate to the Isaiah 58:10 Campaign

Give to the Isaiah 58:10 Campaign and you help provide immediate funding WorldCrafts can use to pay our artisans a living wage and to bring their products into the United States for sale. This campaign is held by the WMU Foundation, and we are so grateful for their support of fair trade.

Back to Africa
Through getting orders from WorldCrafts, we have been able to enroll 18 street kids in school, and also 46 orphans. We also were able to drill water for the community, so now we no longer have diseases like cholera and typhoid.” – Back to Africa, Kenya


Have you ever wondered if fair trade really makes a difference? Wonder no more!

Now, go out and celebrate!