Thank you for supporting WorldCrafts artisans around the world!

Before Your Party

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Plan a great party!

Here are some suggestions on what to do to prepare for your party.

  • Choose a concept
  • Choose a place, date, and time.
    • Choose the place and date to host your party that suits you and your perspective attendees best.
    • Plan at least 30 to 90 minutes for your party.
  • Recruit volunteers
    • Talk with friends, family, and other group members to see who could help with your party.
    • Involve children to welcome guests, present, or staff tables. This is a great way to raise awareness of the world’s people among youth.
    • Plan to use volunteers to help with promotion, set up, food, orders, and take down.
  • Send invitations
    • See a sample invitation.
    • For other ideas, see our promotional copy and party themes.
    • Feel free to create your own invitations with a color scheme tied to one or more of the artisan’s countries.
  • Plan for food
    • Recruit a friend to help prepare international snacks from our recipes.
    • Appetizers and finger foods are better than entrees.
    • A fun party favor idea is to duplicate the recipes on cardstock and give out to guests.
  • Plan for activities and music
    • A WorldCrafts party can be educational and fun! We’ve collected several activities for you to do at your party.
    • You can also do the activities listed in your party theme.
    • Plan to play music at your party that will go along with your party theme.
  • Plan to educate guests on WorldCrafts
  • Order catalogs, if available.
    • Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301 or place your order online to order catalogs for your party.  When ordering online, quantities are limited to 25 catalogs per order.
    • WorldCrafts will provide free catalogs for your party. Allow 5–7 business days for delivery.
    • You can also download the catalog online.
    • WorldCrafts produces two catalogs per year. Each year the spring/summer catalog is available March 1—July 31 and the fall/winter catalog is available August 1—January 31. WorldCrafts does not have a catalog during the month of February.
  • Plan for products at your party.
    • You can purchase the Hostess Sample Set that includes a product from each product category valued at more than $150, sold for $99.99. WorldCrafts releases a new set in March and August each year. The Sample Sets are not returnable.
    • You can also look through other WorldCrafts products and purchase them to display and sell at your party. Products not sold can be returned within 30 days. Products sold at clearance prices (50% off) are not returnable.
    • Allow 5–7 business days for delivery.
  • Plan to display products at your party.
  • Plan to show videos at your party. You can order the Sustain Me DVD or show free videos in our video section.
  • Plan for product orders at your party.
    • Attendees can place their individual order online at, call in their order to Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301, or use the catalog order form. A blank order form is also available. You may want to print extra copies of the blank order form before the party.
    • We encourage group orders to avoid individual shipping charges. You can send in the catalog order form. A blank order form is also available. You may want to print extra copies of the blank order form before the party. Please only send one check per order form made payable to WorldCrafts.